Are you looking for a Virtual Assistant that can do it all?

Why pay for a virtual assistant, graphic designer, copywriter, tech expert and online business consultant separately
when you can hire ONE person who can do it all!


I started as a tech VA almost 10 years ago and since then I have been adding to my knowledge and skill toolbox to help ensure my clients get everything they need in one VA. What does this mean for you? It means you get a highly skilled and specialized virtual assistant who can help you with every single aspect of your business in less time. By hiring ONE person who can do it all you will save a ton of money every single month! PLUS, I only take on a maximum of 3-4 ideal clients at a time. This means you get dedicated support and you know the tasks you pass me will get completed in a timely manner.

What can you help me with?

  • Designing your website, sales pages, e-books, digital downloads, worksheets, logo and more
  • Helping you review your copy or writing new copy for sales pages, website and digital content
  • Setting up the tech pieces to run your online business
  • Online business consulting to help you find holes in your offerings, refine your offerings, or assist you creating your online business

What packages do you have available?

Option One

Single 1 hr session
$297 USD/hr
(Perfect for quick projects)

Option Two

3 Months commitment @ 1hr per week
$797 USD/month
(Save over $300 per month over single sessions)

Option Three

6 Months commitment @ 1hr per week
$697 USD/month
(Save over $400 per month over single sessions)

How does it work?

Step One: Book your free 15 min initial consulting session below. This will allow me to see what you need, recommend a package or other service based on your need, and ensure that what I can offer is a right match for what you need.

Step Two: Sign your agreement and pay for your chosen package. Monthly packages are auto billed 30 days apart.

Step Three: Send me a list of tasks you need me to complete, in the areas I provide services in, and I will get to work completing them. Your agreement will outline the exact time each week that will be set aside for you and your tasks. You will receive one hour per week during the month for option two and three. You may also use your one hour for custom consulting sessions. These sessions can be booked into my calendar at an agreed upon mutual time and do not have to occur during your regularly booked weekly 1 hr time slot. (Custom consulting sessions will count as your one hour time slot for that week)